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About Me

Lamond Scott Turner (Born November 10th 1966) is an American Music Producer, Songwriter, Audio Engineer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, entrepreneur, and artistic visionary. Professionally known as LST, Turner has been in the music writing and production space since 1990. Throughout his career, he has become well known for his willingness to take risk. Turner has always been motivated to produce unique, never-before-heard sounds; something that it not common in the current music industry. As his career quickly progressed, the Minneapolis native decided to start his own production company called LST Music. Throughout his career, LST’s biggest inspiration has come from his desire to create something different and special for his audience. His fascination with sound, music and electronics allows for a scientific approach to creating innovative music. LST continues to be involved in the musical space by producing and writing for labels and independent artists alike. As a professional, Turner’s goal is to preserve the art form of invention and creativity through original music-making. His lengthy experience in various aspects of the industry sets him apart from others in the space. 

Occupation: Music & Sound creator- music & song arranger- Songwriting – Record producer – Mix engineer – Artist guidance. 

Music Projects: Indie & Major recording artists & groups- Film- TV- Cable- Commercials – Advertisement. 

Genres: Funk – Jazz – Neo Soul – R&B – Pop – EDM – Rock – HipHop/Rap. 

Instruments: Keyboards – Synthesizer – Sampler – Drums – Percussion – Guitar – Bass Guitar – Brass. 

Years Active: 1990 – Present



No two songs alike. LST is known for risk-taking for the sake of invention. 

 A huge inspiration for LST is to create something different and special for the listener.   

Ongoing success is found with independent artists and labels LST has composed and produced for.   

Turner says. A great reward for a recording artist is to actually be excited about their own songs and creations.  

Turner’s fascination with sound, music & electronics allows for a scientific and experimental approach to creating inventive music.

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