Wasteland Jeson ft BIshop Lamont & Amanda Silvera
Watch Me Afro Preachah
Get Down Afro Preachah


Don't Speak Afro Preachah
Undress Afro Preachah


Victor Dr Funkenstein Radio Show
I Don't Need You Afro Preachah
1 Bullet  Jeson
Stop It  D-Spawn
Tears    Jeson
Body Chop  Fel Cognito
Right Now D-Spawn


The System D-Spawn
Midnight Sunshine Jeson
The Cloth Afro Preachah *Mix Credit


Impostor D-Spawn
Now Rukis *Mix Credit
That's That Dub Hatchett ft Shannon Roley
Tomorrow The Kamillion
Raw Tactics Dub Hatchett ft Dank Nitty
Money Dub Hatchett ft Dank Nitty
Lovin' U Dub Hatchett
Smoke Dub Hatchett
Fire Dub Hatchett
City Lights Dub Hatchett ft Shannon Roley
Dogg Walkin' Dub Hatchett
High Voltage Dub Hatchett


Rhyme Bible Dank Nitty ft Dub Hatchett
Hot Water Dank Nitty ft Amanda Silvera
G Funksion Dank Nitty ft Dub Hatchett
Do it My Way Dank Nitty ft Shannon Roley
Spindle Dank Nitty ft The Kamillion
Numbers Game Dank Nitty
Knocked Out Dank Nitty
Somewhere Dank Nitty
That Good Tavarris Stewart
2 A.M. Shannon Roley
Take a Piece of Me Shannon Roley ft Tony M
I Like the Way U Move Shannon Roley
Walk Away Tam Tam ft The Beholder
Gimmie the Beat Tam Tam ft Keith Murray
Make Me Hot Afro Preachah
Somethin' Wid U Tavarris Stewart  


Lake Eerie LST
Bony Man LST ft Bill Zahn
Same ol' Same Tam Tam ft John Heinen
You are My Angel Gerald Cox
Find Another Way Soulman
Soul Brother #1 LST ft Eric Leeds
Funk You Up Tam Tam
In Motion Truth Maze


The Drones LST
World Party The Kamillion ft Shakti
Gotta Do Me Tam Tam ft Amanda Silvera
Elevator T Woods *Mix Credit
1 Take The Kamillion
Work It The Kamillion ft Cleva
Headlines Jeson
Delusional  Jeson
Heartbeat Jeson ft Shannon Roley
Everyday a New Life Jeson ft Demonica Flye
Prisoners Handbook Jeson
Queens Life Jeson ft D.Long
Heavens Outback Jeson ft Amanda Silvera
Heavens Just a Smile Away Jeson ft Kimberly Remus
Children of Addicts Jeson
Campfire Story Jeson
Drastic The Kamillion
One Man Pigtaktix ft MGK
So Easy Tavarris Stewart 
Laid Back & Throwed Tam Tam ft D.Long
Laid Back & Throwed (Remix) Tam Tam ft D.Long
Black Men Kool Keith *Mix Credit
The Future DJ Dime
Feel Your Body Demonica Flye
Here We Go Dramaties


Downside Wildcard
Inside Job The Kamillion
3D LST ft Fel Cognito